Trimax Solar

About us

Numbers and Facts

TRIMAX Solar was founded by solar pioneers and experts with over 30 years of international experience in the solar industry.  Our professional team supplies customers worldwide with high performance solar modules based on German quality guidelines. With our TRIMAX solar modules from our own production and a comprehensive service, we realize highly economical photovoltaic systems for our customers. Regular inspections of the certified production facilities by external and internal auditors and inspectors ensure the quality of the modules in the long term and thus reliability in operation. Continuous improvement management helps to ensure that the best and most efficient processes and production facilities are used in the future - always with the aim of securing your yields reliably and sustainably.

With our product guarantee of up to 30 years, we underline the stability and reliability of TRIMAX Solar high-performance modules. Additional tests regarding salt spray and ammonia corrosion resistance confirm the solid quality. The linear performance guarantee of 85% for up to 30 years ensures your yields for many years.


TRIMAX Solar stands for solid quality and reliability. As a supplier of high-quality photovoltaic modules, we make an important contribution to the sustainable development of the energy transition. We are aware of our responsibility towards future generations and work every day to make the world a little better. We meet the challenges of the industry, and in doing so, the highest quality and reliability of our products and services is our primary goal.