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UP TO 410 Wp


PERC cells increase the efficiency of PV modules by better converting incoming light into energy. This is achieved by reflecting the part of the light that reaches the back of the cell back into the cell. This is made possible by a layer applied to the back of the module, known as backside passivation. The increased efficiency of PERC cells compared to conventional modules is 1 %, which in turn helps to reduce production costs per kWp gained. To achieve the highest possible efficiencies, PERC cells mainly use monocrystalline wafers. This type of solar cell has undergone massive development in recent years. The increased efficiency has led to them almost completely replacing conventional Al BSF cells in the field of professional PV systems. PERC cells are anything but new, as their principle was first mentioned in 1983 by the Australian University of New South Wales. However, it was not until steadily improving production processes that the value of the technology could be fully exploited for mass production.

However, PERC technology is not free of obstacles. For example, PERC cells are more sensitive than conventional cells to light-induced degradation. This LID effect causes a drop in solar cell performance after their first light contact. Also higher is the risk of potential-induced degradation. The PID defect can have far-reaching consequences, as it can severely reduce the performance of entire PV systems. Investors should therefore pay particular attention to PERC cells to ensure that they have been certified for PID resistance in accordance with IEC TS 62804. Just like the cells in TRIMAX's modules.

TRIMAX Solar Half-Cut PERC solar modules combine proven technology and durability with an excellent price-performance ratio. At the same time, the high-quality, 100% PID-free solar cells, with the highest efficiency at the best possible low-light and temperature behavior, ensure optimal energy yields. Hochwertige, PID-freie Solarzellen bieten höchsten Wirkungsgrad und optimale Energieerträge bei schwachem Licht und Temperaturschwankungen.


Less distance, higher efficiency. Thanks to optimized soldering processes and further technical developments, the spacing of the individual cells has been reduced from 2 mm to just 0.5 mm - for smaller modules and for an increase in area output while saving material at the same time.

TRIMAX Solar produces high-quality and reliable photovoltaic modules according to the highest international standards (ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018). The high-performance modules are certified according to IEC 61730 and IEC61215 and have also been subjected to salt spray and ammonia corrosion tests. TRIMAX Solar offers a product warranty of up to 30 years and a linear performance guarantee of 85% over a 30-year period.


The monocrystalline 182mm HALF-CUT PERC solar module is the high-performance solar module for all projects. The 120 cm extra-long cables make mounting alignment flexible, while original Stäubli MC4 Evo2 connectors ensure the lowest possible losses. The consistently high-quality construction in combination with the half-cell technology combine reliability and durability with high energy yields.

108 cells >> UP TO 410 WP

108 cells >> UP TO 410 WP